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The Importance of Etiquette
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The Importance of Etiquette
By Erin Love
The rules of proper etiquette and protocol have been around for years, but they are far more important in this day and age than ever before. Implementing proper etiquette and protocol skills into everyday life should be habit for everyone - including children. After all, a person who displays proper etiquette not only feels good about himself, he also makes those around him feel important and respected.

Did you know that an impression is made within the first seven seconds of meeting someone? Seven seconds is an extremely small amount of time, so you must rely on your etiquette skills and social graces to ace that first impression. Are you up-to-date with these skills? Well, it is never too early, or too late, to start.

Having social grace means that you can maneuver through any situation with ease; whether you are in an interview or on a dinner date you will have confidence and put your companion at ease. For instance, at a dinner table, you will know which fork to use, how to eat bread, and where to place your napkin. A great example of how it feels not to know proper etiquette is in the movie Pretty Woman. Remember when Julia Roberts wasn't sure how to use her appetizer utensil? She was visibly unsure of herself, and she had to look around at the other diners to figure out what to do. You can save yourself this embarrassment by becoming well versed in social etiquette.

As you can see, etiquette is an important part of everyday life. A person who displays proper etiquette shows respect for himself as well as respect for those around him. Don't you think it's about time test your social savvy?

About the Author:
Erin Sharplin Love is a Certified Fashion and Image Consultant and has recently published a Children's Etiquette Activity Book. For more information please go to

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