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Prophetess Tarsha CampbellLegacy Living
Written by Prophetess Tarsha Campbell



As a Woman of God, I believe you should leave your mark! I have a saying: "You haven't lived until you have left a legacy in the earth."  I call this "Legacy Living".


Legacy Living is all about touching humanity, through the use of your life, gifts, and talents, on behalf of God and His Kingdom. I believe each and every person who enters this side of heaven has the potential to leave a rich legacy. Your life itself should stand as a memorial for God for the entire world to see! When coupled with the fruits of your gifts and talents, you should, in no uncertain terms, leave an indelible mark upon the lives of men now, and possibly throughout eternity. For instance, the great Apostle Paul is dead and gone, but his writings are still touching lives today. Not only today, but also what he has deposited in the earth has become a part of our spirits and will stay with us throughout eternity. Wow!


I want to challenge you from this point on to make it your goal to leave a legacy. Don't let your gifts and talents stay locked up inside you to be carried to your grave. Live your life to the fullest, by loving and serving others. Make your mark on the heart of humanity, and those in your sphere of influence. Embrace Legacy Living wholeheartedly. Here are a few ways you can leave your mark:


•              Plant a tree

•              Start a business

•              Build a community

•              Create an invention

•              Teach and build others

•              Cure a disease or social ill

•              Live righteously before others

•              Create a new service or product

•              Start a foundation, charity or ministry

•              Write a book, song, screenplay, etc.

•              Run for a public office and create positive change


Your Coaching For Success Minute:


•              What type of legacy have you left in the earth up to this point?

What can you do from this point on that will leave a mark on the Father's behalf?

About the Author:

Prophetess Tarsha L. Campbell is a dynamic, God-appointed Woman of Destiny. With this mandate she humbly serves as a licensed minister, powerful Bible teacher, inspirational speaker, certified Christian life coach, and ministry and business consultant. God has called Prophetess Campbell to teach His people who He is and their true identity in Him. Prophetess Campbell is most known for her life-changing teaching series, "The Woman in the Mirror" which is reaching people from all walks of life around the world. Read More Here!

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