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Fearless Change!

Prophetess Tarsha CampbellFearless Change!
Written by Prophetess Tarsha Campbell


I'm finding that as one gets older it's so easy to get stuck in a rut. We've all heard the adage, "If it ain't broken, don't fix it". In some instances this may be true. However, there are times when we need to make a change.


Life can easily become stale and mundane if you don't have the courage to try new things. Variety is the spice of life and change can give you a whole new perspective. I personally love change.  Several months ago I changed my hairstyle, got a new haircut and added a little color. But I noticed something. I observed all the changes I took myself through mentally before I actually made the change. My mental dialogue went something like this:


"What if my husband doesn't like it."

"What will my kids say? You know how critical they can be."

"How will others react to this change?"

"Will they like it?"


And on, and on, and on...


The whole hair change thing really shed light on why many of us find "change" to be so difficult. It all boils down to one word, "fear". Here are a number of fears I cited in my hair change experience:


Fear of failure

Fear of rejection

Fear of the unknown

Fear of the opinions of men


My experience with the hairstyle change was minor. However, it really made me start wondering about other areas in my life where I needed to make a change. Have I let fear keep me from taking the leap into new territory?


How about you? What type of fear is holding you back from making necessary changes in your life? I want to encourage you to muster up the courage to face your fears head on. To make the leap to change you can start by enlisting the help of the Holy Spirit. With His help you are sure to land in a wonderful new place! You will look back and wonder why you didn't make the changes before now. Come on! You can do it! Live fearlessly and make a change.


Coaching For Success Minute:


        List two areas where you need to make a change.

        What fears must you face in order to make the changes?

        What do you stand to gain if you make the changes?


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About the Author:

Prophetess Tarsha L. Campbell is a dynamic, God-appointed Woman of Destiny. With this mandate she humbly serves as a licensed minister, powerful Bible teacher, inspirational speaker, certified Christian life coach, and ministry and business consultant. God has called Prophetess Campbell to teach His people who He is and their true identity in Him. Prophetess Campbell is most known for her life-changing teaching series, "The Woman in the Mirror" which is reaching people from all walks of life around the world. Read More Here!

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