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A Key To Abundant Increase: Decrease the Clutter!

Prophetess Tarsha CampbellA Key To Abundant Increase: Decrease the Clutter!
Written by Prophetess Tarsha Campbell


I don't know about you, but I feel increase in the air! It's so thick I can taste it. I believe God has increase prepared for you too!  Now, when I speak of increase, I'm not only talking about financial increase, although that's apart of it, but you can experience increase in every area of your life. Increase in your spiritual life, increase in your health, increase in favor, increase influence, increase in wisdom, increase in your understanding, and the list goes on, and on. But do you know in order for you and I to receive the increase that's headed our way we have to prepare for it. One of the key things we need to do is "clear the clutter".


Do you know clutter can stop the flow of increase? There's nothing like clutter to restrict the flow of the good things the Father has prepared for you. What you have to realize too is clutter can invade your life on so many levels. Here's an abbreviated list of the areas where you can experience a "clutter invasion":


Cluttered physical spaces

(filled with old stuff you never use, just occupying the space designated for the "new" God wants to give you)


Cluttered thoughts

(endless, unproductive thought patterns that lead to no where, like constant worry, fear, anxiety, etc.)


Cluttered relationships

(too many unnecessary relationships that drain you of your energy, productivity, strength, creativity,  etc.)


Cluttered ideologies

(fruitless speculations and theories void of life)


Cluttered focus

(multiple focuses leading to negative results, and endless ruts)


I want to encourage you over the next 30 days to make a conscious effort to identify the clutter in your life and kiss it goodbye! God has great things in store for you, and you have to eradicate the clutter so increase can flow in let never before. And remember one of my favorite sayings, "God will only bless you to the degree you are prepared". So let's get ready to receive increase!


Your Coaching For Success Minute:


•   Pinpoint the areas of your life that need de-cluttering?

•   Write down what you desire God to fill the de-cluttered spaces with, ask Him for it.

•   Decree and declare increase to flow into your life

•   Memorize: Psalm 115:14 - Live by it - Claim it as your own


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About the Author:

Prophetess Tarsha L. Campbell is a dynamic, God-appointed Woman of Destiny. With this mandate she humbly serves as a licensed minister, powerful Bible teacher, inspirational speaker, certified Christian life coach, and ministry and business consultant. God has called Prophetess Campbell to teach His people who He is and their true identity in Him. Prophetess Campbell is most known for her life-changing teaching series, "The Woman in the Mirror" which is reaching people from all walks of life around the world. Read More Here!

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