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Ask For Water!

Rev. Lenore A. ArtisAsk For Water!
Written by Rev. Lenore A. Artis

Faithful anointed daughters of the Gospel are often sent to the desert land.  Some end up there because the Lord has spoken to their husbands to set up a work in a desert place.  Some end up there because their spiritual covering sends them to set up a work in the driest of places.  Some end up there because the Lord Himself has spoken to their heart, souls and spirits and has commanded and commissioned them to become married to a dry place.  Many who look on the assignment and the locale of the work begin to scoff, laugh and belittle the woman who has testified of the rich choice of God of her who finds herself in the barrenness of the desert.  Even the woman of God who has been sent to the desert, can become heartbroken, discouraged and disenchanted because she knows of a surety that the Lord has used her mightily in the past.  She can look on the vast expanse of nothingness and begin to doubt her God, her calling, her location, her station and her assignment in the Kingdom of God.  It is easy to give up when a woman of God finds herself married to the work of the Lord but frustrated because of ALL of the places God could send her, when she takes a moment to survey the land, the work and the people to whom they have been sent, the Daughter of Zion more often than not sees miles and miles of dry, barren nothingness!  Everyone always talks about God setting them in a lush and large place. Everyone always talks about being set in a field where the fields are white and ready for harvest.  If this is the case, then why in the world would God send someone who is truly called and chosen of God to the desert.  God what are YOU doing?  Why am I here?  God do you see what I see?  God do you see that there is nothing here?  The ground is not fertile.  The heart is hot.  There is nothing to harvest.  Why would God send anyone...especially a Daughter of His Heart to the desert?

It often seems that God makes the assignment of His Daughters harder than it should be.  I mean, any woman who has had the sacred blessing of a good daddy will tell you that a good daddy always wants to make sure that his Little Girl marries someone who is going to take good care of her.  A good father makes sure that his daughter's needs are provided for.  A loving daddy has his daughter's best interest at heart.  He wants her to have better than the best.  So if our God is the Abba Father (Daddy God) why would He send His beloved daughters into hardship, tribulation, desolation and heartbreaking trial? 

When we find ourselves sent to the desert, could it be that His ways are not our ways and our thoughts are not our thoughts?  When we find ourselves sent to the desert could it be that He knows the plans He has for you?  Could it be that He really does have plans to prosper you and not to harm you?  Could it be that He has plans to give you hope and a future - EVEN IN THE DESERT?  Could God have suffered you to be sent to the desert not because He hates you but so that the Glory of God might be manifested in you?  Could God be setting you up in an impossible territory to cause you to ask for what you NEVER would have asked for in a rich, lush, fertile place? 

The Message Bible  - Joshua 15:16-19
 16-17 Caleb said, "Whoever attacks Kiriath Sepher and takes it, I'll give my daughter Acsah to him as his wife." Othniel son of Kenaz, Caleb's brother, took it; so Caleb gave him his daughter Acsah as his wife.
 18-19 When she arrived she got him
      to ask for farmland from her father.
   As she dismounted from her donkey
      Caleb asked her, "What would you like?"
   She said, "Give me a marriage gift.
      You've given me desert land;
 NOW give me pools of water!"
      And he gave her the upper and the lower pools."

Acsah is one of the little known heroines of the Bible.  She is offered as the reward to the man who could and would defeat the enemy of God's people.  Othniel rises to the challenge and Acsah is given to him to wife.  She could have sat in silence in the desert.  She could have made do. She could have -- ut she didn't.  Why didn't she settle?  After all, she had been GIVEN to Othniel and GIVEN land.  Why didn't she just make herself content with the gift of land - even though it was dry?  Acsah knew that she was a Daddy's Girl!  She knew that his heart was tender to her.  She knew that if she but asked him he would give her just what she asked for.  I like her because she doesn't just ask for a little water...she asked her daddy for "POOLS OF WATER"!.  She asked him to give her an abundance of WATER even though he had already given her the vast expanse of the desert.  Dear Preaching Woman, your Daddy God may have sent you to a dry place and married you to a work in the desert but you have His heart. His heart turns soft when He hears His Daughter Achsah's request.  You may have been sent to the desert, but if you tell Abba Father, "YOU've given me desert land; NOW give me pools of water!" your Heavenly Father will give you the upper and lower pools.  He will give you an abundance of water...a superabundance of waters.  Your Daddy is just waiting for Acsah to put a DEMAND on Heaven...your Daddy is just waiting for beautiful YOU to ask.

Rev. Lenore A. Artis
About the Author
Elder Lenore Artis, a contributing editor for, is the founder and CEO of L.A. Artis Ministries, Inc. an evangelistic and counseling ministry with a special focus on women and youth.  Artis is an award winning poet whose poetry has been featured in literary anthologies. She is also the author of "DARK BLESSING" - a powerful book that reveals the fact that God is with us to sustain us in the darkest of dark times.  Visit her website at and at the Official Site of Dark Blessing

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