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Think Beyond Your Today!
October 1, 2009 By

Evg. Nichelle L. EarlyThink Beyond Your Today!
Written by Nichelle Early, Executive Editor
       Where do you see yourself in the next ten years? How will you get there? Well, I am firm believer that if you want to progress in life you have to see yourself where you want to go and couple that vision with progressive thoughts.  You have to develop the mentality of consistently thinking beyond where you are.  In other words, you must think beyond your today!
      History is riddled with people who thought beyond their present moment. Thomas Edison had to think beyond the limitations of the gas lamp in order to develop an electrical lighting system in which our lights today are based upon. He had to envision his invention before he was able to create it, because creativity is birthed out of vision, vision is birthed out of ideas, and ideas of birthed out of thoughts. Edison had to unleash the limitations of his mind and think beyond his today!
Will you dare to become the trailblazer of your own life? Will you decide to see yourself beyond your current situation and prepare
for where you believe God has destined you to go? Ask God to enlarge your thinking. Spend time in His presence and in His Word
so that you can think what He thinks and see what He sees about you and your future. Now is the time. Take the limits off of your
imagination! Remove the shades of doubt and put on the lenses of faith and look beyond your today!
Everything God has said about you and your life has already been finished.  Will you think beyond today? Let God give you bigger
thoughts and bigger dreams. Embrace them and think about them everyday, and before you know it, you will be standing right in
the midst of your destiny!

Love you much!
Evg. Nichelle Early

Founder/Executive Editor

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