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Ministry Etiquette

So, like a bona fide preacher preparing for a ministry visit, you've prayed, studied, gotten your sermon together and now you're ready to go fulfill your ministry assignment. With everything set to go, the only thing left to figure out is what to wear. Unfortunately for a minister, sometimes this can be just as difficult as knowing what to preach. In our last issue, I briefly highlighted a few things about ministry garments. However, because what you wear is just as important as what you say, I'd like to expand my thoughts on the protocol for clergy attire.

Preaching is hard work. Consider the challenges involved: finding and studying a text, praying and laboring over its revelation, putting the sermon together, delivering it to an eager audience, and afterwards deliberating with oneself as to whether or not it all went well. Sounds familiar? Then you know it's true about preaching, it's hard work indeed. However, being a preacher, especially a woman preacher, is even harder.