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Joan Hunter: Healing the Heart

By Nichelle L. Early, Executive Editor
PreachingWoman.com was privileged to have the exclusive opportunity to talk with International Healing Evangelist, Joan Hunter. She graciously accepted our invitation to be featured on our site and share with us some dynamic keys necessary to have and enjoy healing and wholeness in every area of your life.

Joan Hunter: Healing the Heart



Written by: Nichelle Early, Executive Editor


How do you survive when your darkest hour conflicts with your anointing? In the face of pain and adversity, is it really possible for you to emerge totally victorious, healed, and whole? Well, we are here to let you know that the answer is emphatically, "Yes!" You can, and you will!

There are so many women that bear the responsibility of ministering to countless individuals within their home, workplace, and the Body of Christ. However, concealed behind the call of God and the anointing, are hearts marred with the devastating blows of betrayal and hurt that can not be rationalized by the human mind.  So, how do you survive? How do you get past the hurt to live and love again? How can you experience healing of the heart?

PreachingWoman.com was privileged to have the exclusive opportunity to talk with International Healing Evangelist, Joan Hunter.  She graciously accepted our invitation to be featured on our site and share with us some dynamic keys necessary to have and enjoy healing and wholeness in every area of your life.

As some may be familiar, Joan Hunter is the daughter of Charles and Frances Hunter, legendary international healing evangelists, affectionately known as, "The Happy Hunters." Committing her life to Christ at the tender age of 12, Joan faithfully served alongside her parents around the globe ministering in Healing Schools, Miracle Services, and Healing Explosions for over 30 years.

Commissioned to pursue her own international healing ministry, God uses Joan mightily in the gift of healing, laced with the evidence of signs, wonders, and miracles. One of the hallmarks of her ministry is her commitment to train believers to fulfill the commission of Jesus to "…lay hands on the sick," according to Mark 16:18, by demonstrating the God given authority over sickness and disease that is available to all believers.

However, tragic circumstances would come and wreak havoc in Joan's personal life and attempt to obliterate the ministry she had sown so much in, which she chronicles in her latest book, Healing the Heart.  In this inspiring and life-changing book, Joan shares her challenging testimony of how she overcame rejection and the worst betrayal imaginable.  Specifically, she discusses her personal struggles with obesity, breast cancer, depression and the heart-breaking divorce of a twenty-five year marriage.  When asked by PreachingWoman.com, "How do you handle betrayal when you are in ministry?" Here's what she had to say.

"Genesis 50:20 says, 'But as for you, ye thought evil against me, but God meant it unto good, to bring to pass, as it is this day, to save much people alive.' You have to be willing to turn to God for Him to bring to pass, or create, the necessary circumstances for your healing," said Joan.

Now as some may know, betrayal carries with it a very pungent hurt that, at times, is absolutely unimaginable.  Often times, the heart can be so infused with pain that many make the decision to retreat from God instead of running to Him for comfort and healing. So we asked Joan to share with us, "How do you minister to others while you are yet broken and hurting?" Candidly, she responded.

"The Bible says, Pray ye one for another that ye might be healed…we must reach out to others and sow love…and realize the reality of forgiveness."

Joan further expressed the importance of having a strong support system.  When you are hurting, especially in circumstances of divorce, loneliness, financial devastation, etc., "it is imperative that you surround yourself with people that are going to feed your spirit. Find people who are not in it, but who has been through it," she said.

Today, Joan Hunter, stands before us in the beauty of holiness as a shining example of total healing and wholeness in Christ Jesus. Subsequently, she has personally experienced the miraculous healing of God in every area of her life, enabling her to minister a message of hope and restoration to the broken hearted, deliverance and freedom to the bound, and healing and wholeness to the diseased.  PreachingWoman.com asked Joan to share with us how she experienced her personal process of "healing the heart" and here are some essential principles she suggested:

  • Be sure to communicate with God - "God wants to be found, He wants to communicate with us when we are going through…God knows your voice…He will answer you."
  • Read God's Word - "Renew Your mind daily with the Word of God."
  • Listen to Praise and Worship Music - "I found this to be a great blessing, and helps with the healing process…Music will keep your spirit in tune with God"
  • Repent - "Repentance is the key to healing. By repenting, it opens the door for healing from generational sins, thus breaking generational curses…Ask God to forgive you for your part in the problems you are facing."
  • Forgive - "Ask God to forgive those who have hurt you."
  • Be Selective of Your Environment - "Surround yourself with committed, Spirit-filled Christians who will support you, love you, pray with you, and affirm you."
  • Go into God's Presence - "If you press in to the presence of God, you will be set free and completely healed…Petition Him, be quiet, and listen."

Recently, Joan has ministered in Miracle Services and conducted Healing Schools in numerous countries including the United States, Hong Kong, New Zealand, the Republic of the Philippines, and countless other countries.  As of late, she just returned from Japan where God used her in the administration of over 200 healings.  Joan has also appeared on numerous television and radio networks around the world, such as Daystar, The Church Channel, Christian Television Network, Sid Roth's "It's Supernatural," Steve Shultz's "Prophetic TV", amid many others.

It would be absolutely difficult to depict Joan Hunter in one word. So, we'll just say this; behind the mighty anointing of God stands a woman of immense mercy and grace, with a servant motivated character, jovial demeanor, observing the office of an outstanding mother to four beautiful daughters, one grandson, Luke, and a newly wedded wife to her cherished source of wisdom and strength given to her by God, Kelley Murrell. Ultimately, Joan Hunter loves God and it is her passion and desire to see people totally healed and whole.

For more information about Joan Hunter visit: www.joanhunter.org