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Featured Preaching Woman

Imagine yourself sitting in a room full of people when all of a sudden a tornado straight from Heaven makes its descent distributing the matchless, miraculous wind of God amidst the people! Can you really envision that? Do you really believe that it did and still can happen? The Moffat translation of the Bible in Acts 2:1-2 says, "During the course of the day of Pentecost they were all together, when suddenly there came a sound from Heaven like a violent blast of wind." The scripture continued to declare that all of the people gathered there came subject to the invincible power of God brought on by the blast of wind, or tornado, if you will. This phenomenal event not only symbolized the birth of the church, but it gave credence to that fact that we too can experience such a supernatural move of God! We, just like the people in Acts 2, can experience the difference that the presence of God and His anointing makes! Are you ready? Read more inside...