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Faith and Finances

Finance Transformation: Converting Dreams of Wealth Into Reality!

By Kelly D. LaPeyre

Consider this:

If there are four birds resting on a tree branch and three decide to fly off, how many birds are left? If you answered that there is one, guest what? You are wrong! All of the birds are still on the branch because of the fact that making the decision to fly away and actually flying away are two different actions. A decision does not begin to move a mountain until you actually pick up a shovel and begin.

This is a distinction that is crucial to understanding why there are so few individuals that actually succeed in building wealth. While everyone wants to achieve financial freedom, there are very few that actually achieve it. The big difference is the commitment that they have to their goal. The fact is that there are very few individuals that ever leave the security that is provided by the branch or their job in order to complete the hard work that is required for freedom.

While you may know what the strategies and tools to building wealth actually are, putting them into practice on a consistent basis in order to succeed is a completely different thing? Personal businesses do not reach a level of success by resorting to financial aid. They become financially stable and successful from the actions taken from their operators and owners.

The Issue of Commitment

There is a huge gap between the actual decision of seeking wealth and the commitment that will lead to the action of doing so. Being able to successfully bridge the gap is the important difference between failure and success when you are traveling the road to wealth.

Bridging the gap is a simple process of cause and effect. Commitment is the one cause that will drive you to take the action to create the effect. Your commitment will motivate you to complete the work, gain the skills and then overcome any type of obstacle that may arise on your road to success. Your commitment will motivate you to overcome any lethargy and take the risks necessary to be successful and build your wealth.

The fact is that if you have already completely committed to building wealth, you would be in action to do so, and you would be seeing the effects of your commitment. You would not just be sitting around thinking about doing it, but you would be acting. How fast you grow your wealth will be directly dependent on the level of your commitment. Either you are going to be consistently increasing your wealth or you are not. The fact is that the results that you achieve will let you know which one you are working toward.

If you are ready to make your own commitment to building your fortune then you must act on that decision and being by doing a little financial planning of your own. Simply having made the decision to do it will not in and of itself accomplish the work that needs to be done. Take that next step. See your first success and then you will begin to feel the desire to see more successes. One builds on the other and creates its own little microenvironment of success. Your financial independence and security is its own reward.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Kelly_D_LaPeyre

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