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Coaching For Success

God recently blessed my family with a beautiful new home for which we are very grateful. On the way home the other day I glanced through the rear view mirror and saw a vehicle from a business I used to work at several years ago. One of my responsibilities was to drive this HUGE vehicle, which I didn't particularly like to do because I'm a very small woman. However, what could I do? Duty called and I answered. Plus the job was easy and my family needed the additional salary, even though it wasn't that much.
Most people who know me know I'm an eternal optimist and Woman of Faith. I believe if God made me a promise it most certainly will come to past. However, the more I'm on this journey to fulfilling God's purpose for my life, I'm finding out there are simply things I just shouldn't expect. So, what should you do when you feel this way? Find out more inside...