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Coaching For Success

In my coaching business I'm blessed to work with some wonderful women of God with amazing gifts and talents! However, many struggle with stepping forward to be used by God because they are paralyzed with fear and a lack of confidence. I understand the struggle because in times past I have experienced this too. Over the years I have sought the Lord to overcome, and through His wisdom He has given me a few keys to step out in confidence in business and ministry. Please allow me to share them with you. Read more inside...
Are there areas in your life you have settled for "hand-me-down living"? Do you gravitate to old ways and patterns the Father has delivered you from all because you haven't changed your mindset? Are you stuck because you live according to old belief systems past down from previous generations? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, find out what to do inside...
I heard an interesting fact about a certain fish called the Oscar fish. This particular fish when placed in the right environment has the ability to reach its potential size of 16 inches. However, if placed in a limited environment, such as a small fish tank, this fish will never grow to reach its full potential. After hearing this interesting fact it made me wonder: How many people have lived, died, and never reached their full potential because their tank was too small?