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Featured Book of the Month

The development of worship and arts ministry requires valuable input and insight from Church leaders and Academy scholars. In Creative Worship in a Contemporary Milieu, the Church and Academy intersect as Dr. Lisa Weah offers scholarly insights grounded in her experience as the former Minister of Cultural Arts and Worship at a burgeoning urban church in the heart of Baltimore, MD. Find out more inside...
Hooper's Evangelist & Minister's Handbook is now called a 'must-have' ministerial guide for every new and seasoned evangelist, minister, and pastor today! With this ministry companion, never again will ministers have to struggle with their calling, be unsure about how to do ministry or know exactly what it entails. Rich with endorsements by Dr. Jacqueline McCullough, Bishop Charles H. Ellis, III, Dr. Rita Twiggs, and others, this book will inform and empower ministry gifts with two decades of Dr. Hooper's full-time ministerial experience.