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Featured Book of the Month

Confusion, financial constraints, job losses, global aggression--this is, at the very least, a day of uncertainty. The status quo is shaken, and we are in a time of tumultuous change, both in the world and in the Church.Bestselling author and respected pastor Barbara Yoder offers hope and encouragement to everyone who wants to face the future with joy.
In Awaken the Woman Within, Azizah Morrison takes you on a journey to excavate your authentic self. With the transparency and voice of a sister, Azizah speaks candidly about the challenges she faced on her path to personal growth and spiritual development and how her experiences have helped others.
Kimberly Ray is the Pastor and CEO of Angie Ray Ministries in Matteson, Illinois. For 21 years she has served as an Evangelical Speaker and traveled internationally delivering life changing messages that inspire, encourage and empower the body of Christ with tools and strategies to live a consecrated and victorious life.Learn more about both of her books, Prevailing Prayers o the Bible and Relentless Faith inside...
If you're looking for an entertaining and thought-provoking piece of literature that will change your life and marriage forever, this is it! In her literary debut, Nicole Morgan, wife of gospel organist/producer, PJ Morgan, wrote Half Minister/Half Mistress- the Life of a Ministry Wife as a tool. Though you really don't have to be a ministry wife, or even married, to appreciate the nuggets of wisdom that it holds, she has musician's and pastor's wives on her heart. Find out more inside...
As you read this prophetic book by Dr. Aretha Wilson, a powerful impartation will be released in your spirit: one that will transition you into increasingly greater dimensions of purpose and destiny. If you are ready to become everything that God has destined you to be and help others to do the same, it's time to learn what the Bible says about sonship. God wants you to perpetuate his life in the Earth!

Pastor Michel White-Haynes is the Founder and Pastor of the Greater Faith Temple Church of the Living God in the Bronx, N.Y. She carries an Apostolic mantle upon her life and has been called by God to be a covering for a number of ministries. She is the Overseer of Greater Faith Temple Ministry Alliance, [GFTMA] covering Greater Faith Ministries [Harrisburg, PA], Bountiful Blessings [Hempstead, NY], Greater Blessed Hope [Mt. Vernon, NY], GFT Living Word Ministries [Monticello, NY] GFT Rhema Christian Worship Center [Newburgh, NY] and Revelation Universal Worship Center [Summerville, SC]. Also part of GFTMA is Redeeming Hearts Ministry [Bronx, NY]. We believe that this is Pastor Haynes' season and we look forward to this alliance [GFTMA] expanding to include other churches and ministries in the very near future.
In Spring 2008, Dr. Paula Price released The Prophet's Handbook: A Guide to Prophecy and Its Operation. In this book, Price addresses questions that have gone unanswered for years: How do prophets fit into the modern church? What is the difference between a prophet and a psychic? How do you determine prophetic credibility? Why do we need prophets if we have scientific reasoning? Look inside to find out more...
It's getting warmer, and it's time to begin thinking about losing those unwanted winter pounds! Let us help motivate you, by spotlighting this awesome book by Pastor Deborah Dukes. The Accelerated Weight Loss Diet Plan & Journal will be sure to get you on your way to a better, healthier, more beautiful you! Purchase your copy today! Read More Inside...
Written under a prophetic anointing, this book has been released in to the earth at this time, to aid wounded souls into their final victory. Pastor Joyce heart's cry to everyone that is struggling between the process and the promise is that, "God still has a plan for your life."
Hooper's Evangelist & Minister's Handbook is now called a 'must-have' ministerial guide for every new and seasoned evangelist, minister, and pastor today! With this ministry companion, never again will ministers have to struggle with their calling, be unsure about how to do ministry or know exactly what it entails. Rich with endorsements by Dr. Jacqueline McCullough, Bishop Charles H. Ellis, III, Dr. Rita Twiggs, and others, this book will inform and empower ministry gifts with two decades of Dr. Hooper's full-time ministerial experience.