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Featured Book of the Month

Fishing In Mixed Waters, by Dr. Kecia DeCosta Ford, shares skills for your ministry to use an evangelistic approach to build multi-ethnic communicties. Employing these skills will sharpen your fisher of men and women skills that will empower your ministry to achieve "The Great Commission" conveyed by Jesus Christ upon His return when He appeared to the disciples after the Resurrection, noted in acts 1:8. Find out more inside...
In Spring 2008, Dr. Paula Price released The Prophet's Handbook: A Guide to Prophecy and Its Operation. In this book, Price addresses questions that have gone unanswered for years: How do prophets fit into the modern church? What is the difference between a prophet and a psychic? How do you determine prophetic credibility? Why do we need prophets if we have scientific reasoning? Look inside to find out more...
Some of you may remember during the month of March, we featured Poems & Prayers of a Church Mother's Heart: Inspirational Wisdom for Our Generation. The very next month on April 3, 2008, Mother Bernice Lang, grandmother of our founder, Evg. Nichelle Early, transitioned into the presence of the Lord. As June 25, would have been Mother Lang's birthday, we wanted to take this opportunity to honor and commemorate her legacy and the wonderful work our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ allowed her to pin at such a tender age.
The author of our featured book for the month of March will be sure to ignite your passion for the Lord and bring you inspiration beyond measure through her book Poems and Prayers of Church Mother's Heart: Inspirational Wisdom For Our Generation. Written by our founder's 83 year old grandmother, Mother Bernice Lang intricately weaves God-inspired wisdom into your spirit while giving you a renewed hope in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Additionally, she proves to all that it is never too late to fulfill your dreams and purpose. Please take a moment to review and consider purchasing this book. It is truly filled with timeless truths that will impact every generation for years to come!