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Your Faithfulness Will Find Favor!

Dr. Maria Seaman
Your Faithfulness Will Find Favor!
By Dr. Maria Seaman

When I look at Elisabeth, the term that comes to mind is "faithful." There is something to be said for faithfulness in your walk with God. As we meet up with Elizabeth in the text, she has been a faithful Christian for a mighty long time.

Luke 1:5 There was in the days of Herod, the king of Judaea, a certain priest named Zacharias, of the course of Abia: and his wife was of the daughters of Aaron, and her name was Elisabeth.

6 And they were both righteous before God, walking in all the commandments and ordinances of the Lord blameless.

7 And they had no child, because that Elisabeth was barren, and they both were now well stricken in years.

One might say that Elisabeth came from the right stock or the right family line. Since Elisabeth was a daughter of Aaron, the priestly way, or the attributes of the priesthood, had been a part of Elisabeth's legacy, and, therefore, she walked in the spirit of faithfulness unto God.

Now at the onset, it might seem very natural for Elisabeth. Yet, when you stop and consider that, in spite of her faithfulness to God, she remained barren, thismight cause you to think twice about the rewards of servant hood. However, I beg of you to think again. Yes, think until your thoughts lines up with the way of God, because your thoughts and your ways are nowhere near the thoughts and ways of God.

Hence, you must be careful not to get caught up in your own conclusions concerning your life.  You must understand that God sees all and He will do all so that His will becomes manifest in your life.

Both Elisabeth and her husband, Zacharias, were old. Not only that, but they were also BOTH well stricken. It was not an issue about the physical condition of a woman. It was not all about the fact that Elisabeth was no longer menstruating and had even gone pass the menopausal phase of life. No!  It was about the fact that God was about to honor the faithfulness of Elisabeth and her husband.

Over the years and decades, Elisabeth had to settle with the fact that she was not going to bring forth seed. Elisabeth has to grieve privatelyknowing that she would never cradle her own baby in her arms. Elisabeth had already faced the looks of others who deemed her not worthy enough and perhaps even cursed because she had no child. Elisabeth hadsurvived! 

In spite of beingchildless and with no childrearing moments to celebrate, Elisabeth was faithful in her duty towards God. Both she and Zacharias, although well stricken, were well situated for God to breathe upon their lives and upon their bodies.  God was going to do a new thing for this faithful, righteous, and blameless couple. God was about to shine forth his favor upon this unsuspecting couple, and grant unto them a dream come true, which they thought, was a dream deferred.

Luke 1:13 But the angel said unto him, Fear not, Zacharias: for thy prayer is heard; and thy wife Elisabeth shall bear thee a son, and thou shalt call his name John.

14 And thou shalt have joy and gladness; and many shall rejoice at his birth.

Get ready!  The year 2013 will see faithful servants of God rewarded unexpectedly!  Your duty is to be found faithful. When you are faithful, God's favor will find you, fill you, and bring about an overflow of blessings. Stay focused and faithful and God will reward you in due season!

About the Author

Rev. Dr. Maria Seaman is the founder and Pastor of Shekinah Worship International Ministries (SWIM) at Shekinah Worship Centre, Bermuda. She is an author of two books, The World of the Womb in God's Plan for Man and Wombs II. Dr. Seaman writes a weekly column in the local newspaper, hosts a weekly radio broadcast, Echoes of Shekinah, and she can also be seen twice a month on television during the church's program, A Shekinah Word. She is also the CEO of "Vine Creations", which is a company that meets a variety of computer graphic needs for her customers; and she recently established Vine Creations House Publishers, for the express purpose of editing and publishing works by other authors and poets.


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