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Women Risktakers by Dr. Patricia Bailey Jones

Women Risk Takers By Dr. Pat Bailey-Jones
Women Risktakers
Dr. Patricia Bailey wants women to overcome all obstacles, real or imagined, and step boldly into all God has for them. Using examples of great women of the Bible - Rahab, Esther, Hagar, Hannah, Abigail, Debra, and many others - she shows that the common denominator for accomplishing something great was simply the willingness to be a risktaker for God.
God is calling women to a task much greater than themselves - to change their world - And Bailey believes that to do so they must fully understand and embrace the truth that when God gives a mandate He also gives the power to accomplish it. His promises have been proven over the centuries in the lives of women - and are just as certain today.
About the Author:
The ministry of Dr. Pat Bailey has created tremendous impact for more than 20 years in over 80 countries around the world, bring deliverance and salvation to thousands. A 1982 graduate of New Life Bible College in Tennessee, a 1984 charter class graduate of Victory World Missions Training Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and a 1993 graduate of All Nations for Christ Bible Institute in Benin City, Nigeria, Patricia D. Bailey's journey into ministry began at the age of 21 with an invitation from the late Daisy Osborn (wife of T. L. Osborn) to travel to East and West Africa. Dr. Bailey is a lecturer, author, and founder of Master's Touch Ministries International, a mission outreach. MTM has also founded Y.U.G.O. (Youth Adults United for Global Outreach) and Sister to Sister, an international outreach to women in foreign countries. Dr. Bailey serves as a missions strategy consultant to several growing churches and has developed leadership programs around the world. Dr. Bailey has focused recent efforts of spreading the liberating good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ toward the people living int eh 10/40 window, which includes North Africa and the Middle East, the most populated but least evangelized area in the world. She concentrates much of her ministry to a group of people who have no voice--refuges, widows, and orphans. Dr. Bailey's school of missions, which she launched in early 2004, is training nationals to return to their nations. In the first six months of existence, the nationals will have reached the number of nations Dr. Bailey has personally ministered in her more than two decades of ministry. Master's Touch Ministries has headquarters in Atlanta, Los Angeles, and London. Dr. Bailey is the proud momther of a son, Karim Israel Bailey.

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