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Systematic Mastery and Success

Prophetess Tarsha CampbellSystematic Mastery and Success
 Written by Prophetess Tarsha Campbell


This month I want to share an important key that opens the door to success and fulfillment. The key is having systems in place. As children of God, and in particular leaders, we need to take note of the actions of God. Even God in his sovereignty, used and continues to use systems when governing His creation. In the book of Genesis it reveals how the Father when creating the heaven and earth used a system (Gen. 1). Each day He had a systematic plan for rolling out His intentions. And with closer examination, we can see how these systems are still functioning as the Father intended. These systems include day, night, seedtime, and harvest, etc., and displays the manifestation of God Himself.


The point I wish to establish in this Coaching for Success article is this, in order for you to walk in divine manifestation you must first have systems in place to govern your life, ministry and business. Dominion comes through the door of government and order. Government and order are ushered in by having systems in place. The Father's original intent was for man to have dominion, and rule the works of His hand. His desire for you is to rule in life and be an open display of His glory. However, this won't happen unless you see the value of having systems. For every system you have in place you gain the mastery in that particular area of your life. The key you must remember is this, your life, ministry or business is no stronger than the systems you have established. You need systems to succeed and achieve divine fulfillment.



Your Coaching For Success Minute:


Examine your life. What areas of your life do you lack mastery?


What type of systems do you have in place to govern and bring order to your life?


Find a quiet place and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal systems that will lead to divine success and fulfillment.

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About the Author:

Prophetess Tarsha L. Campbell is a dynamic, God-appointed Woman of Destiny. With this mandate she humbly serves as a licensed minister, powerful Bible teacher, inspirational speaker, certified Christian life coach, and ministry and business consultant. God has called Prophetess Campbell to teach His people who He is and their true identity in Him. Prophetess Campbell is most known for her life-changing teaching series, "The Woman in the Mirror" which is reaching people from all walks of life around the world. Read More Here!

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