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4 Top Natural Beauty Tips
February 1, 2012

Natural Beauty Tips4 Top Natural Beauty Tips 
By Andrea Taylor
Women all over the world spend millions of dollars on gels, creams, powders, and lotions all in the attempt to maintain or enhance their skin and beauty. Beauty is a universal theme that has been around since the beginning of time and all civilizations have had a natural beauty tip or two. Modern western cultures have taken the idea of beauty to extreme by resorting to plastic surgery, liposuction, injections, and other medically invasive treatments to gain a sense of enhanced beauty. There is no need to spend thousands dollars or resort to surgery, our 4 top natural beauty tips are freely available in this article for everyone.

First, natural beauty tip is to drink enough water every day. Drinking eight to ten glasses of water will solve many problems that you may be purchasing creams for. Drinking enough water will hydrate your skin and rid your body of the toxins and chemicals that are damaging your skin and hair. Flush the toxins out and hydrate your body with at least eight glasses and your beauty regime will improve greatly.

The second natural beauty tip is to eat fruits and vegetables daily. Fruits and vegetables contain the vitamins and minerals our body needs. When out bodies are fueled with the necessary vitamins and minerals many skin and hair problems disappear. Also, many fruits and vegetables such as carrot, oranges, cucumbers, and apples are known to be good rejuvenators for skin, hair, and nails.

Regular exercise is the third natural beauty tip that everyone should know. Regular exercise pumps oxygen to our cells, which in conjunction with water, helps to rid our bodies of those nasty toxins. Exercise does not need to be hours in the gym a walk around the block on a consistent basis will do wonders for your skin and body. Exercise also helps our bodies become more adept at digesting food which will allow the vitamin and minerals from the fruits and vegetables be absorbed into our bodies easier. Regular exercise also helps increase your energy level and sometimes can lift your mood. When you are happy and awake, you can look younger and feel younger. Isn't that what all the beauty products people buy are for? To create a younger you!

Finally and most importantly, do not discount the power of a positive attitude toward your beauty regime as well. Happy people are considered more beautiful in western society and having a positive attitude is the fourth natural beauty tip. Having a good attitude has been proven to lengthen your life span and boost your immune system, when we feel good we look good as well.

Natural beauty tips are really everywhere. There is no need to resort to a thousand dollar an ounce cream to achieve the same results you can get from eating right and exercise. Beauty really starts from within and following our 4 natural beauty tips can save you money.
****Disclaimer: Breakforth Ministries and Consulting, Inc. and do not endorse or offer any medical advice regarding mammograms or other health issues shared on this website. The above article is shared for informational viewing only. If you following any of the above tips (secrets) you will be doing so completely and solely at your own risk and our organization can not be held liable (legally or personally) and will not indeminify you in any way concerning any adverse effects you may experience.

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