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It's March!

Elder Lenore ArtisIT'S MARCH!: "Si vis pacem, para bellum"
By Rev. L.A. Artis
Joel 3:9 "Proclaim ye this among the Gentiles; Prepare war, wake up the mighty men, let all the men of war draw near; let them come up "KJV
"Proclaim ye this among nations, Sanctify a war, stir up the mighty ones, Come nigh, come up, let all the men of war. "  Young's Literal Translation
"Proclaim this among the nations: Consecrate for war; stir up the mighty men. Let all the men of war draw near; let them come up. - English Standard Version 2001 
Si vis pacem, para bellum is a Latin adage translated as, "If you wish for peace, prepare for war" 
The Church of Jesus Christ is resting - in fact, too many are not just resting - they are asleep - at ease in Zion.
It seems the Enemy of the Kingdom of God is fanning the Church of Jesus Christ into a deep sleep.  Far too many are resting on the laurels of passivity, acceptability and compacency but there is a TRUMPET being sounded calling, summoning, and yes COMMANDING the people of God to pick up their weapons and return to the battlefield.  The TRUMPET God has raised to His lips are the Ministers of God.  He is BLOWING FRESH WIND into every preacher, prophetess and evangelist and it is a WIND HE IS COMMANDING US TO BLOW UPON AND INTO THE PEOPLE UNDER THE SOUND OF OUR VOICE!
The wind of change has been blown upon us and in us - it is time for us to realize that we are trumpets calling the people to war and mighty shofars declaring jubilee, restoration, revival and peace AFTER we've waged war in the Spirit.
The Holy Ghost is birthing WARFARE back into CHRISTENDOM.
He is still calling for us to sing the precious songs of WORSHIP that usher us into the majestic presence of the Lord for us not only to feel HIS presence but for us to get the full WILL of GOD - part of which is WARFARE.
We have been blessed to sing songs of praise and worship to our King and our Lord to usher into the express presence of our Lord but we have forgotten and forsaken the WAR SONGS OF OLD.  Whatever happened to?
I went to the Enemy's Camp and I took back what he stole from me...ain't no devil in hell gonna walk over me.
Christian FIGHT on 'cause time ain't long - Christian FIGHT ON 'cause time ain't long
Prepare in Joel 3:9 means to "HALLOW WAR"  or to declare a "HOLY WAR".  Woven into the word choice in the Word of God is the COMMAND for this not to birthed out through flesh, through selfish ambitions or to heap rewards unto oneself, rather God is calling a HOLY PEOPLE to wage a HOLY WAR and a HOLY GOD will avenge them andf grant unto them the victory - because HE CANNOT LIE so it follows that He cannot FAIL thus HE CANNOT LOSE!
He is calling only the SANCTIFIED!
He is calling only the CONSECRATED!
He is calling only the HOLY to HOLY WAR!
How then shall we fight is this is a HOLY WAR?  "For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds,"  He is calling us back to SPIRITUAL WARFARE:
1.  Sacred Consecration
2.  Fasting & Praying
3.  Declaring, Decreeing and Believing His Word
4.  Unshakeable Faith
5.  Live the Gospel we preach
If we would walk according to these 5 laws of WAR we can't help but win.  HUPA-NIKAOS!  We will not just be CONQUERORS - we will be HYPER CONQUERORS - MORE THAN!  We will gain back and get back more than we lost!
Let's March, March, MARCH!
So let us MARCH!  Let us MARCH like soildiers.  Let us MARCH like champions.  Let us MARCH in courage and MARCH in faith and launch an all points attack on the Enemy,
Let us Fight the good fight of faith and watch as our warfare yields the peace of God.
It's MARCH ~ time for us to COME IN LIKE A LION AND GO OUT LIKE A LION - there is no place for passivity in the Kingdom.  The Church is asleep and God is looking for a TRUMPET to blow and rouse the people to arms- can He depend on YOU?
Rev. Lenore A. Artis
L.A. Artis Ministries, Inc.
About the Author
Elder Lenore Artis, a contributing editor for, is the founder and CEO of L.A. Artis Ministries, Inc. an evangelistic and counseling ministry with a special focus on women and youth.  Artis is an award winning poet whose poetry has been featured in literary anthologies. She is also the author of "DARK BLESSING" - a powerful book that reveals the fact that God is with us to sustain us in the darkest of dark times.  Visit her website at and at the Official Site of Dark Blessing

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