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Pastor Veryl Howard

Kingdom Watch! (TM) is a section on in which we highlight and celebrate a very special preaching woman whom we think you should "watch out" for! God is raising up so many women and bringing them to the front lines of ministry and we want to help you stay informed as to who they are.  So, please take a moment and read about this month's "Kingdom Watch! (TM)" Preaching Woman. 

Pastor Veryl HowardPastor Veryl Howard

Pastor Veryl Howard who is known to many as one of the most sought after managers and promoters in the world of Gospel music, is most importantly a servant of God. God has given her favor over the years with clients such as; Deitrick & Damita Haddon, David & Tamela Mann of "The Browns", Shekinah Glory Choir, Tyler Perry, Marvin Sapp, James Fortune, Dr. Ron Kenoly, Angie, Debbie & Ce Ce Winans, Kirk Franklin, Shirley Caesar, Dr. Leonard Scott, Jessica Reedy, Brian Courtney Wilson, Vashawn Mitchell, Bishop TD Jakes, Caribbean artists Sherwin Gardner, Papa San and many more. Also, though now the casting director of the upcoming movie "Blonde" the Lost Supreme, she considers herself humble and one having a heart for God and His people. She describes her job as her gifting that has made room for her but not her calling. She believes that God has called her to the Nations which are why so much of her ministry work is global. She was recently asked to be a keynote speaker at the first "Million Youth Peace March" in DC July 2011.  The word God has birthed inside of her must be delivered in a candid way so folks can know that God is still God. She believes the spirit of religiosity has bound God's people too long. "Folks need to know we have been delivered so they can get free too" she states. This is why after years of running from the world of preaching, Pastor Howard decided to be obedient, adhere to her calling and step to into the pulpit.


Pastor Veryl Howard has been invited to do ministry work in Guyana, Bermuda, Aruba, Trinidad, Benin/Kenya/Nairobi, Poland, Germany, Antigua, Amsterdam, Surinam, Costa Rica, St. Lucia, Dominica, Petite Martinique,  and Grenada to name a few. "The body of Christ must link together globally" she states as God uses her to do work internationally as well as nationally with His ministry. She presently sits on a number of boards where she is instrumental in doing outreach with medical supplies, food, clothing and shoes for those less fortunate. Her second book "God is My Ticket out the Ghetto" is dedicated to raising money for Africa. She notes that God has purposely connected her internationally for the purpose of kingdom building and helping those in need world wide. "The church has become so engrossed in religion and not relationship. Relationship makes you kingdom minded states Pastor Howard.


Though Pastor Howard may not exhibit the "bling, bling" with her name in lights she believes her "bling, bling" is God. She is what you would call a raw preacher who is not worried about her stockings getting torn or her hair falling out of style when it comes to delivering the Word of God. She is more concerned about the Glory of God resting on her life. "It is what it is" she states and she believes God has not called her to play church but to be open and real with his precious sheep. "God took licks and got dirty for me, states Pastor Howard so why wouldn't I get dirty for God? We have become too cosmetic as the church these days. God wants kingdom minded sold-out folks who love him in spite of." She believes in order for our people to get set free, they have to be taught how to operate in the power of God. People are not ushered into the fullness of their walk because "church folks" have a tendency to play church in today's society according to Pastor Howard. Therefore saints go back and forth to church with the same issues not allowing God to be God in their lives she states. "It is time for God's chosen people to walk in the fullness of what God has promised his people. We have accepted a less than lifestyle too long." She knows this too well in her own life as she will tell you she has asked God to redeem her time.


Therefore she prays the ministry God housed in her is used for healing, prophetically, deliverance and to help God's people be empowered! With all that said, don't look for the fluff and drama from her, just the unadulterated Word of God straight from heaven's manna! Pastor Howard is about Kingdom business and not religiosity! Pastor Veryl Howard at, Veryl Howard,,  








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