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Welcome To Echo Valley

Elder Lenore ArtisWelcome to Echo Valley
by Rev. L.A. Artis
One of my favorite passages of scripture in all of the Holy Writ is 2 Chronicles chapter 20.  I love this chapter because it speaks of King Jehoshophat as a godly leader who showcases both his humanity and his champion-sized faith.  Often people don't want the called of God to admit that they have problems because they have mighty anointings on their lives but truth be told, those who have high anointings on their lives face hard tests and great opposition and yet they preach the Word.
Jehoshaphat received the Word that three enemies of Judah had formed a Satanic allegiance to get rid of JUDAH
This is significant because Judah not only means, "PRAISE" - Judah means "I am anointed BECAUSE I praise."  The smallest nation - the nation of praisers was the one the the Father chose to birth the Messiah through.  As we celebrate  this most blessed season - the celebration of the birth of the Savior of the world, that we recognize that Satan made every attempt possible to stop His coming because He was the Anointed One of God.  This lesson is just one of the many assasination attempts to stop God's plan of salvation.  If He tried to kill the Savior, it follows that he will attempt to get rid of any and everyone that has pledged their lives to getting the eternal message of hope and salvation out.  The call on your life and the anointing that mantles it has attracted the attacks of assassins.
Like Jehoshaphat, when you get bad news,,  your heart goes to a low place.  When you are under attack from Satan you find yourself disheartened,  Often people will tell the anointed of God not to express their feelings, but only their faith.  Jehoshapat proves that you can both be transparent about what you are truly going through - in other words, you can be totally honest about how low, bad and hurt you feel and never once lose your faith in God.
The Bible says that Jehoshaphat "FEARED".  He got the worst news of his life and his first response was fear.  Many of us would love to say that he should never have allowed fear to grip him but he was facing deadly enemies who sought his life, his kingdom, his people, his praise and his prophecy which was to be the birth forth the Savior.  After he shows his real and raw feelings - he immediately shifts from FEAR to FAITH!  He shifts from the natural to the supernatural,  He sets himself to seek the Lord.  After calling forth a nationwide fast, the spirit of prophecy falls.  The Lord wants the Kingdom to know that DURING your worst season that THE SPIRIT OF PROPHECY is going to fall.
Then the Lord tells the people who are already LOW in spirit to go to an even LOWER PLACE - He sends them into the VALLEY.
Any military strategist will tell you that if you are going to win a battle, you NEVER go into the valley because your enemies can place themselves in HIGH PLACES and just pick you off like flies.  This makes no sense from a military standpoint but God will often call you LOWER to give you the victory,  In fact - it is the ONLY real way to gain victory over and enemy who is determined to kill you, your destiny and your ministry is to get LOWER THAN YOU'VE EVER BEEN!
Valleys are low empty places.  Why would God send them to the valley?
Scientists have proven that the reason why sound echoes in empty places is because there is nothing to ABSORB the sound.  Judah was a nation of anointed NOISEMAKERS!  Though small in number, He was strategically placing them in the one place on the globe where their ONE WEAPON - which was PRAISE would be MAGNIFIED & MULTIPLIED.
The enemy of your soul is laughing at you because you are facing the worst season in your life and yet you are following the leading of the Lord not to go up but to go LOWER than you have ever gone - you are following the Divine summoning of God to go into the VALLEY OF THE SHADOW OF DEATH but it is in the VALLEY OF ECHOES that your praise will ricochet off of the walls and like a heat seeking missile will destroy each assasin that has made a dastardly covenant with Satan to destroy you and the call of God upon your life.  This Christmas, take a trip to the VALLEY OF ECHOES and when you turn around, the enemies that sought to destroy your life will all be vanquished by virtue of your praise and the gifts, treasures and joys you need will not be under a Christmas tree, but under the bodies of the assasins Satan sent to destroy the call of God on your life.
God is extending you a hearty welcome to ECHO VALLEY for He is the Lily of the Valley and your victory, joy and anointings birthed out there will take you to the mountains of power. 
Merry Christmas,
Rev. Lenore A. Artis
L.A. Artis Ministries, Inc.
P.S. It is the holiday season and yet many of us are in a low place.  Expect the victory
Scripture references: II Chronicles 20 & Psalm 23:4

About the Author
Elder Lenore Artis, a contributing editor for, is the founder and CEO of L.A. Artis Ministries, Inc. an evangelistic and counseling ministry with a special focus on women and youth.  Artis is an award winning poet whose poetry has been featured in literary anthologies. She is also the author of "DARK BLESSING" - a powerful book that reveals the fact that God is with us to sustain us in the darkest of dark times.  Visit her website at and at the Official Site of Dark Blessing

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