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Bloody Robes!

Rev. Lenore A. ArtisBloody Robes!
Written by Rev. Lenore A. Artis
There is a dangerous problem lurking in Christendom. There are too many "BLOODY ROBES". Violence against women in the ministry is at an all time high and no one is saying a word about it - no one until now.

The Church seems to have taken a passive stance regarding domestic violence.  There has been far too many women preachers who have suffered heinous attacks at the hands of their husbands.  Heaven is crying because the Daughters of Zion have been wounded in the worst imaginable way. 
Women preachers are to be cherished and esteemed; respected and protected.  Whether she's an internationally known preacher or a local voice crying in the wilderness, there should be a universal outcry, a general outrage and a corporate horror over what happens to 'her'.  The Church should be the leading voice against the hurting, harming and tearing of the Daughters of the Cross.  The response to the beaten woman preacher is too often lukewarm at best.  The response to 'her' being victimized can sometimes be split with the odds going against 'her'.
When we hear that 'she' is bleeding why don't we pray?  When we hear that 'she' is bleeding why don't we say it is wrong?  When we hear that 'she' is beaten why do we laugh?  When we find out that a Woman of God has been left in a bloody heap - crumpled on the ground why is there no mad rush to pour oil into her wounds?  Why are there no offers to take 'her' into one of the saints homes so 'she' can find a haven of rest for her broken body, bruised spirit and wounded soul?  When a female preacher is beaten where is the Church?  Why doesn't anyone rush to her aid?  Why?
Here are some of the responses to 'her' being victimized:  Some say that it was God's judgment. Some may say that she shouldn't be preaching anyway.  Some acuse her of having a Jezebel spirit. Some just make jokes - "If she is a prophetess she should have seen it coming." These railings do not come only from the world - but they also come from people who claim to be Christians.

Even if there are those who do not totally agree with 'her' teachings, if anyone should stand up against domestic violence - it should be the  Church of Jesus Christ. I believe that because women are achieving new heights in ministry that others may not have yet attained, some have enjoyed seeing women preachers hurt on this wise.  It is time for the Church to stand and say that they will not tolerate the abuse of any woman at any time - PERIOD!

A few women have experienced violence in the ministry , not only at the hands of their husbands, but they have been victimized by people who were assigned to guard the door, by those the ministry entrusted to drive them to their hotel following the conference, and many other scenarios. Questionably, Is it a widespread problem? No. Is this happening to everybody? No. Is this happening everywhere? No. But is it happening- YES.

Accordingly, not all of the violence against women in ministry is physical - most of it is spiritual. Because women are the ones that have been assigned the arduous task of weeping, wailing and travailing, the Enemy of their souls has launched an all points attack against the feminine but ferocious warriors in the earth realm.  He sends demons to discourage, berate and torment the Women of God.  He believes if he sends legions of demons to attack her she will cease to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

When women are summoned to churches to preach and yet not received as messengers of the Gospel it stings. When they are called to birth revival in the land and they are not covered in prayer, cherished and esteemed for their godly lives, hours of study and intercession it wounds.  When they are called to bring deliverance, but they are not respected for the Word in their mouths and the oil that mantles their lives, it hurts.  Church hurt can cause the woman preacher's robe to become very spiritually bloody.

And yet, with blood stained robes, they preach!

And yet, with rejection still in their souls, they preach!

And yet, with hurt in their hearts, they preach!

But though they preach hurting, spiritually bloody and rejected - their Father doesn't want their robes to remain bloody because His Son's robe was bloody enough for us all.  Jesus shed His Blood - there is no need for there to be any shedding of the woman preacher's blood - not by the church and not by the husbands who vowed to love, honor and protect them
If a woman is reading this and you are being abused - please call and get help. Abuse happens to people of all walks of life - yes, even preachers of the Gospel. If you have been abused - either in your past or here recently - there is counseling, deliverance and healing for you - yes, you the Woman Preacher. God wants you healed and whole so that you can bring healing and wholeness to everyone your ministry touches, reaches and encounters.

Bleeding? Then it is time to change your robe.
About the Author
Elder Lenore Artis, a contributing editor for, is the founder and CEO of L.A. Artis Ministries, Inc. an evangelistic and counseling ministry with a special focus on women and youth.  Artis is an award winning poet whose poetry has been featured in literary anthologies. She is also the author of "DARK BLESSING" - a powerful book that reveals the fact that God is with us to sustain us in the darkest of dark times.  Visit her website at and at the Official Site of Dark Blessing

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