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You Are Not Dead, Return to Duty!

Dr. MomYou Are Not Dead, Return to Duty!
Written by Dr. Geraldine "Dr. Mom" McInnis
There was a loud commotion upstairs in the house! My six years old twin nieces, Dia and Dane't, were in the bathroom swinging on the shower rod instead of taking their shower. Their mother yells "What happened!!" As she approaches the top of the stairs to see what the crashing sound was all about, one of the girls shoots out the bathroom desperately crying and profusely bleeding from the hand. "Dane't just killed me!!" frantically cries Dia. The other twin shouts back "I didn't kill you!! You KILLED yourself!!"
That wild incident occurred about two years ago and to this day I laugh in private over it! I can only imagine the naive yet devastating look on Dia's face thinking she was already dead after the glass shower rod fell and slashed her skin! Well, she had to get stitches but she survived.
How many times on our spiritual journey have we disobeyed or compromised the will of God? Those are the times when we think we are dead! Some people like to put the blame on others. My young niece accused her sister of "killing her" because she was instrumental in pushing her up to the shower rod to dangle and swing. The rod succumbed to the weight and destruction soon followed. They were both in the right place but doing the wrong thing!
When the Lord sends us on our various assignments it is imperative that we follow His instructions or we could get hurt. Jonah, no doubt, thought he was dead when he tried to escape the plan of God as it concerned the ministry. He found himself eating seaweed and tasting the upchuck of a giant fish. I'm sure he had to pinch himself to see if he was still alive during that horrendous event.
Whatever the Lord told you to do, please do it! When confronted with your misbehaviors, mismanaged deeds or misconstrued acts it is easier to look for someone or something to blame. Today, I say: No excuses - No alibis - No blame games!
Let's grow up as leaders and take our big girl pills. When we walk around with unrepentant sins in our heart it feels like we are no longer existing because we have disobeyed our Father. All you have to do is confess or own up to the part you played in the fallen things. Perhaps, you were in the right place but you got distracted and started playing instead of working. You lost sight of your purpose. Well, it's not the end of your world! You ARE NOT DEAD! God is faithful and just to forgive you and cleanse you! He will stitch up the torn areas and sweetly heal you.
Now go back! Your work isn't done! Put that robe or uniform back on! You still have work to do! We live as we learn! Now live! We need you onboard!  
About the Author
Dr. Geraldine McInnis lives in Bowie, MD and is joined in marriage and ministry with her husband Larry for over 30 years. They have three adult children and one grandson.Geraldine earned her Masters Degree in Christian Counseling and a Doctorate in Theology. She is a crisis interventionist and has pastored for over 16 years.She is one of the refreshing prophetic voices in the Christian arena. Visit Dr. Mom at: and  

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