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Prevailing Prayers of the Bible and Relentless Faith by Pastor Kimberly Ray

Pastor Kimberly Ray's Prevailing Prayers of the Bible and Relentless Faith
Prevailing Prayers of the Bible
I remember having the privilege to stand at the Ancient Wailing Wall to pray.  Honestly, I sensed an indescribable awe as I witnessed people praying.  I observed a fascinating tradition, people placing slips of paper with prayer requests into the crevices of the Wailing Wall.  This was an astonishing indication of their passion expressed to God through prayer.

The Lord has given me a wonderful desire to share with the body of Christ the remarkable prayers of the Bible.  This book is designed to share scriptural dialogue spoken from individuals recorded in the sacred pages of the Bible.

Relentless Faith
Relentless Faith
What is relentless faith? It is the kind of faith that resists the desire to concede to current circumstances, but rather this kind of faith chooses to believe the Word of God.  The Word of God is the answer to life's dilemmas.  Relentless faith is faith in the Lord that is unshakable, unstoppable, and unmovable.  This faith is never dependent upon our own abilities, or ourselves, it is a tenacious determination to embrace and believe the promises written in the word of God .  This relentless faith is connected to your core believe system.
About the Author
Kimberly Ray is the Pastor and CEO of Angie Ray Ministries in Matteson, Illinois.  For 21 years she has served as an Evangelical Speaker and traveled internationally delivering life changing messages that inspire, encourage and empower the body of Christ with tools and strategies to live a consecrated and victorious life. Click here to Purchase!
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