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See the Invisible
March 1, 2009By

See the Invisible!
Written by Nichelle Early, Executive Editor
As we move about through out our day, perhaps channel surfing on the tv or, overhearing conversations from the next table in a crowded restaurant, sitting in a board meeting at work, or merely having a discussion with a friend, it is very easy to become focused on situations and or things that are seen every day. But, I would like to challenge you for just a moment. Consider the things that you can not see. Take some to "see the invisible."
Now you may be thinking, okay Nichelle, you are off your rocker! But, please don't click away...induldge me for a moment!  Psalm 19:1 states, "The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament showeth his handywork" (NIV). Each time I read or hear this verse, it causes me to consider the invisible things of God. I began to think about how His invisible glory is yet very visible in the heavens.  When I look at the stars in which He has named individually, and I see the beauty of them, or I flip to the Discover Channel and here a discussion about the galaxies and the universe, I can't help but think about the invisible yet visible glory of God.
By God's divine power, He created the heavens, which openly declares His glory.  The heavens themselves cry out and prove to the unbeliever, (who by the way can see that there is a heaven and yet says "there is no God,") that there is a God who is consistently at work, even when we can't see Him. The heavens preach a sermon regarding the "unseen" handi-work of God, that no preacher can preach and no songbird can sing. Often times, we ourselves, get so caught up in what we see, until we don't realize that there is more power in what we do not see!
Therefore, I want to encourage you by saying: even if you don't see His hand working visibly, know that He's working, and see the invisible. Take the flowers and the trees for example. You don't see the invisible power of God pull them from the anonymity of the ground's dept as they crack the surface of the soil into visibility, but yet you say, "their growing."  You don't see when the first blossoms appear on the tree or the first bud appears on the flower stem, but yet you say, "those flowers are beautiful."
All in all, what I'm trying to say is don't focus so much on what you can see, but think about the things that you can not see. Think about the fact that God is working even when you don't feel He's working or see with your natural eyes that He's working.  Know that God specializes in making something from nothing...and He wants you to come in agreement with Him and see the invisible. Because when you do, that's when you will see the visible!
God bless!
Evg. Nichelle Early

Founder/Executive Editor

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