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There is a dangerous problem lurking in Christendom. There are too many "BLOODY ROBES". Violence against women in the ministry is at an all time high and no one is saying a word about it - no one until now.

The Church seems to have taken a passive stance regarding domestic violence. There has been far too many women preachers who have suffered heinous attacks at the hands of their husbands. Heaven is crying because the Daughters of Zion have been wounded in the worst imaginable way. Find out more inside...
Paul and Silas became a ministry team on his second missionary journey. The first missionary journey was with Barnabas but contention rose up over the loyalty of John Mark and they parted ways. John Mark had left the ministry. Barnabas continued on with John Mark and Silas joined the evangelistic team and they moved forward in ministry. Five key points can be made about this occurrence...find out what they are inside...
There is a clarion call from the throne to the heart of every woman preacher and that is the call to fall. Fall? Yes FALL. God hath issued a call for every woman preacher to fall on her face and pray. Find out more about your assignment inside!