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The Bible speaks of a WOMAN coming and anointing Jesus with spikenard. For years people argued that it was the same woman that did both anointings, but the Word of God clearly lets us know that there were two women - one is identified as Mary in the book of John and the other is identified as a SINNER! Why Spikenard? Why two anointings? Why did it have to be women? Why? Why? Why?
The Bible speaks of a WOMAN coming and anointing Jesus with spikenard.  For years people argued that it was the same woman that did both anointings, but the Word of God clearly lets us know that there were two women - one is identified as Mary in the book of John and the other is identified as a SINNER!  Why Spikenard?  Why two anointings?  Why did it have to be women?  Why?  Why?  Why?
First, what is spikenard?  Spikenard is an aromatic rhizome. The botanical name has its roots in the Hindu word Jatamansi which means "lock of hair." So both women anoint Christ with the Spikenard which means "lock of hair" with the locks of their hair.  A woman's hair is called Her Glory so when these women anoint Him their praise and the Heavens all declare, "Glory!  Glory!  Glory!  Glory!"  "Glory to God in the Highest!" 
Spikenard has many branches and grows to be anywhere from 3 to 6 feet high.  It has very large leaves that are made up of thin oval heart-shaped leaflets.  How fitting that Spikenard is made up of little leaves that are shaped like hearts because these women were pouring out their hearts, their souls and their pure love onto Jesus. The blossoms or flowers of the spikenard start off as greenish in hue and they form many clusters and also produces reddish brown berries which turn purple.  It smells wonderful from the top down to the roots.  (Sounds just like a woman doesn't it?) 
Let's talk a little bit more about Spikenard.  It is used to heal broken bones, the root of it is burned as incense.  It is used to speed up delivery during the last days of pregnancy.  The root of is has been used to treat cold symptoms - especially bad coughs.  It is used to produce OIL.  It was considered the most priceless and precious of luxuries in ancient Egypt and was the main ingredient in NARDIUM, the perfume of ancient ROME.  The Roman Guards had to recognize the fragrance for it was the SCENT OF THE RICHEST & MOST POWERFUL in ROME!  Hmmmm...Why would a poor carpenter from Nazareth, a rabbi, a teacher, a healer and troublemaker smell like the wealthy rulers of Rome?  How could HE afford such a luxurious fragrance?  Maybe it is was just to let them know that HE was higher than Caesar.  Though poor, the cattle on a thousand hills still belonged to HIM!  He was beaten like a slave, a prisoner, a convict and a criminal and yet he SMELLED LIKE A KING!!!!!
Spikenard works wonders on the skin.  It stimulates the antibacterial properties of the whie blood cells.   It protects from infections. It purifies the blood.   It is non-toxic.  It does not irritate.  It has no adverse effect on the senses.  It is anti-inflammatory and kills germs.  It calms the nerves, promotes awareness and gives strength and peace to the mind. 
Two women poured PEACE on the PRINCE of PEACE.
Jesus receives Spikenard...not just once but twice.
In the Song of Solomon, it is the fragrance that His Beloved wears when seated before the King. SoS 1:12
While the king sitteth at his table, my spikenard sendeth forth the smell thereof."  It is fitting that a woman gives this gift back to the Bridegroom. 
Why WOMEN?  TIhe men were always the ones to prepare the lambs for sacrifice.  By allowing WOMEN to do the WASHING and ANOINTING, GOD was engrafting WOMEN into the HOLY PRIESTHOOD by affording them the HIGHEST HONOR in being the ones who prepared The Lamb of God to take away the sins of the WORLD!  HALLELUJAH!
Why two women? 
The only way we truly learn is by REPETITION!  The Lord allowed this to happen TWICE so no one could doubt, refute or dispute HIS CHOICE of WOMEN in the MINISTRY.  DOUBLE HONOR!
Why two women from such different backgrounds and lifestyles?
In John, the woman is IDENTIFIED as MARY.  Mary, the sister of Lazurus who could always be found in His Presence.  If there was anyone we should have EXPECTED to do something like this, IT IS MARY but MARY anoints HIS FEET...the SINNER at Simon the Leper's house anoints HIS HEAD.  It would seem that the one He would allow to anoint HIS HEAD would be the SAINT and the one He would require to anoint His feet would be the SINNER.  Hmmm...
Mary bows and anoints His Feet in HUMILITY.  She anoints His feet which is symbolic of His PRIESTHOOD.  The SINNER anoints HIS HEAD, crowning HIM KING, THE SHEPHERD OF SOULS.  It also shows that HE is going to use the women who have sat at HIS feet in faithfulness as well as those who come from the wrong side of the track.  Once a woman encounters JESUS, it does not matter if she has been in Church all of her life or if she came straight off the corner - HE CAN USE WHOM HE WILL.  He is just looking for a WOMAN to break open her ALABASTER box and pour it upon Him.
Who else BUT God would allow a woman to anoint THE ANOINTED ONE?  Women, when we preach, pray, teach & lead God's people, we are ANOINTING THE ANOINTING!  It is because we have a special place in Christ's heart that He places a special blessing on everything that we touch, do and say!  JESUS, THE ANOINTED ONE became MORE ANOINTED because of the Gift of Two Women!  The BLESSER was BLESSED because of two women.  How much more can a world filled with women from all walks of life bring JOY to the heart of the SPOTLESS Lamb of God by telling the whole world of His Love.  That is why the Devil fights women in the ministry sooooooooooooo hard....he knows that HIS GLORY, HIS POWER, HIS BLOOD, HIS MESSAGE & HIS LOVE gets stronger, richer & reaches harvests each time that we yield ourselves to HIM and pour praise, oil, worship and sevice upon HIM.  Every time we serve HIM - we are ANOINTING the ANOINTING!